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So, you want to break into…………………the movies. How many persons have told you that the odds of becoming a movie star are about a million to one? How many persons have said that you’re headed for a life of misery, mucho disappointments and many other rejections? Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard all this before. Negative advice is a bummer and it probably won’t stop you from pursuing your dream anyway. If you are really serious about breaking into the movies start thinking in terms of waging your own private war against THE film industry. Ah, but if you’re planning to go to war against this giant and complex industry you had better be well equipped. Well equipped with protective gear and whatever weapons it takes to survive. Weapons? What weapons?

Answer. The weapons you have to work with are:

1. Your looks

2. Your talent

3. Your acting education and experience

A pair of hard solid guts would also be to your advantage. Be wise, be sensible, be careful of phony types that make a lot of promises. Be 100% certain that you are dealing with honest reliable people. If you get an agent’s appointment….research the agent. Check him or her out. Find out if he deals with the right kind of clients. Make your own evaluation – be smart and sensible. You will need lots of planning and preparation. Remember, this is war. Store up your firepower (of course, I’m using a metaphor here), learn all the tools of the trade and most importantly, you will need a strong sense of self-worth to face all this and survive with flying colors and maybe, just maybe, you might land a leading role in a movie.

I have to laugh when I think about the role that was given to Brad Pitt in one of his early, early films. Brad was cast in a part where for practically the whole movie his entire body had to be totally covered from head to toe in some kind of black rubber suit. His face was completely un-visible to the camera hidden behind a black rubber mask and all because the character he was playing was supposedly allergic to light and had to be covered at all times. Great part, huh? Brad, did it. No complaints. It wasn’t too long before this great opportunity, when he was turned down for a minor part in a TV soap opera. Obviously, the insensitive casting director in New York could not spot real talent if it bit her on the nose. Most casting directors are women. Yes, Brad has paid his dues and he kept marching forward. It wasn’t until his knock-out performance in Thelma and Louise that the industry woke up and Brad was on his way. Brad was patient. Brad was prepared when the right break came his way. Brad was perfect in Thelma and Louise and one of his best assets was revealed to the hungry movie going public. Yes, to quote an old cliché…….a star was born.

Are you already starting to wonder whether this is your cup of tea or not? If this is the case, perhaps, you should start thinking of a more realistic career like teaching, computer programmer or dog training. No? You still want to continue your pursuit as an actor or actress? Well, that’s why I’ve written this little booklet. Read on. Digest all the information and then, well,……….just go for it!

By Vasilis Alekos Korallis

Author, Vasilis Alekos Korallis





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