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     Vasilis Alekos Korallis was born on the island of Skiathos, Greece.  At the early age of two, he was transported to the South Side of Chicago where he spent his grammar school years and three years of high school at Hyde Park High.  At 15 Vasilis was then taken to Southern California settling in the San Fernando Valley and attended North Hollywood High School where for his senior year he studied drama and appeared in many plays winning the best actor of the year award and scored second place in a major Shakespeare competition for Southern California.  


Vasilis Alekos Korallis


     After high school Vasilis (or Aleko as he was known in those days) attended Valley College in Van Nuys majoring in Drama. He appeared in several theater productions there with the likes of Victor French and Jill St. John.  After the stint at Valley College, the quest for an acting career commenced.  Many, many acting workshops with important acting coaches such as Corey Allen, Charles Nelson Reilly and many, many others. Luckily for Vasilis-Alekos he possessed a fine singing voice and landed roles in Oklahoma and Fiddler On the Roof which opened at the Ahmanson Theatre at the Los Angeles Music Center.

Scores of bit parts in TV soaps followed and lots of extra work in major films, but as luck would have it no major breaks…and I might add here LUCK has a lot to do with it.  After years of bad decisions, lots of heartbreaks Vasilis-Alekos decided enough was enough, and he chucked the whole acting quest and moved back to Greece where he now resides.  Why though should all those years of experience in the acting business (and it most certainly is a business) go to waste and so this little booklet was written in order to advise and basically help all of you out there that want to give it a shot.  This little booklet Actor’s Guide for Film Hopefuls written with all the things you need to know to bust into the movies and possibly, yes possibly even make it to stardom.  Remember, it’s only one life.  I say…GO FOR IT!