We are committed to providing the absolute best information to each and every aspiring actor.  There are young people all over the world who dream about becoming an actor and somehow breaking into movies and  becoming a star like James Franco.  Well, because of my years of experience in this field I have written a guide that gives you the basics of achieving such a goal. Being an actor in movies isn’t easy.  Reading this guide will help you reach your goals.  Now available to you as an eBook.  

Do you have the talent to be in a movie as a  Film Actor?  

What this eBook contains:  Preparing for an acting career; movie cast; marketing yourself; acquiring the right photos especially actress images; movie casting calls; auditions; locating auditions on the Internet; practical advice to the film actor.

You know it’s just one life and if you truly feel you’ve got the talent to be another movie actor along with the likes of Kurt Russell, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron, Goldie Hawn and now we have James Franco to add to this list – if you want to work like hell at your craft and if you have that indescribable passion to be an actor…a real actor, then, I say, go for it.  I went through it all…years of acting, hundreds of auditions and interviews…some very close calls…luck plays a major role in this business.  In this eBook, I have done my best to inform you and direct you to the many avenues for success that are open to you.  The best, realistic advice I can give you is NOT to put all your eggs in one basket and take advantage of an actor brother like moi who in this eBook has tried to be honest, informative, and hopefully helpful.

The best of luck to you…V.A. Korallis

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Read the comments on You Tube for the public’s reactions to Vasilis’ singing “Lovely One, Unchained Melody, Relax, Relax”.  Go to U-Tube and put Vasilis Alekos Korallis in the search box. 

Vasilis Alekos Korallis


Vasilis Alekos Korallis was the Lead Singer for R&B & Jazz songs which can be heard on U-Tube.   




Vasilis Alekos Korallis in Concert


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Vasilis Alekos Korallis is an excellent and versatile actor.  He has dubbed several French and Italian  films into English under the direction of Richard Heinz.  Paris studios, Champs-Elysees.


Writing, Singing Musical, Theatre, Television, Screenwriting, Editing, Photography, Storytelling, Short Stories, Radio Disc Jockey. 

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“Actor’s Guide for Film Hopefuls” by V.A. Korallis


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